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  • why-prople-dont-trust-you
    Speaking at his recent Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp (March 21-23, 2014) in Los Angeles, CA, persuasion mastery speaker Ross Jeffries reveals a personal story that illustrates why...
    24 June 2014 // 0 Comments
  • want-in-one-hand-spit-in-the-other
    Do you feel like you’re not getting what you want?  There’s a reason…it’s because you “want” it, as Ross Jeffries explained at a seminar in Montreal, Quebec.
    22 June 2014 // 0 Comments
  • beliefs-create-new-possibilities
    Do you believe you can have more success?  Ross Jeffries reveals his fundamental beliefs for learning at a speaking appearance in London, UK.
    21 June 2014 // 0 Comments
  • how-to-stop-being-angry
    At live speaking appearances in London, Los Angeles and elsewhere, Ross Jeffries often demonstrates a technique called “same or changing” that helps you stop being angry.
    20 June 2014 // 0 Comments